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How to Smoke Pulled Pork in a Pellet Smoker

By Robert Cole

Learning how to smoke pulled pork in a pellet smoker is so easy, just about anyone can do it. It just takes a lot of time and patience. It’s one of the meats that takes the longest to smoke but reaps the best benefits from the barbeque world as well. Sit back and stick to […]

How to Smoke Sausage in a Pellet Smoker

By Robert Cole

Smoking sausages in a pellet smoker is no big deal. In fact, it is probably the easiest type of smoking you can do. However, that is if you are smoking sausages the second time around or pre-made sausages that are raw. The real test is when you decide to make the sausages at home, which […]

How to Smoke Ribs in a Pellet Smoker

By Robert Cole

Smoking ribs in a pellet smoker is an incredibly popular way to get the best flavor results. It’s easy, but if you want to make sure those ribs turn out perfectly every time, then all it takes is the right prep and treatment methods followed by taking the right steps when smoking them. Prep includes […]

How to Smoke a Turkey Breast in a Pellet Smoker

By Robert Cole

Smoking a turkey breast is generally going to be very similar to smoking a whole turkey. A lot of the same rules apply, just a few will be moderated so the turkey doesn’t get overcooked while smoking it. Sometimes smoking a whole turkey is just plain unnecessary especially if you only have a couple of […]

How to Smoke a Pork Loin Roast in an Electric Smoker

By Robert Cole

Usually, steaks take all the attention when it comes to electric smokers. However, there is a cut that can turn out pretty amazing in a smoker, and it’s not beef. Are you surprised? Well, the pork loin can be the star of your next barbeque. You just need to know how to smoke a pork loin roast […]

How to Smoke a Turkey in a Pellet Smoker

By Robert Cole

Turkey is usually the main event around the table during the holidays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat it all year round. Many deli’s love to smoke their turkey in house rather than roast them and you will be able to find turkey in almost any barbeque joint any time of the year. So, […]

How to Use a Propane Smoker

By Robert Cole

What is the point of a propane smoker? Isn’t it just an outside oven? Wouldn’t you be better off cooking your food in a regular oven with some smoky sauce? Despite a propane smoker’s similarities with a gas-powered oven, a propane smoker allows you to impart your meals with a genuine smoky flavor. A propane […]

How to Match Your Smoking Wood to Your Meat?

By Robert Cole

Picking the right smoking wood to compliment your meat can be a challenge. If you pick the wrong wood, your meat could taste like it was baked in the oven. On the other side of the coin, if your wood is too strong for your meat, it could taste like a forest fire. In this […]

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