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Hello! My name is Robert Cole, and I am an Electric Smoker Expert. I also love hot smoked meats like brisket and pork butt with charcoal and wood smokers.

I am passionate about cooking, boating, fishing, electronics, and IT. That is why I purchased this website in 2019. My goal is to provide thoroughly tested answers and equipment reviews to help you make informed decisions.

Every product I review has been purchased and tested extensively. I typically run a smoker six to ten times for write-ups and produce YouTube videos for about half of these sessions, ensuring transparency and authenticity.

I understand that no single smoker can meet every need. My reviews reflect this, providing you with balanced insights into various smokers’ strengths and limitations.

Explore my site for in-depth guides, recipes, and reviews. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for visual demonstrations.

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Robert Cole

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Additionally, I manage other websites and YouTube channels focused on cooking and outdoor activities.