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How Does an Electric Smoker Work?

How Does an Electric Smoker Work

Why are electric smokers so popular? The answer is simple; they create less mess, smoke, and fuss. They also take less time and cause less hassle. Some feel that an electric smoker doesn’t have the character, capacity, or effect that charcoal and propane smokers have, but that is because the whole smoking process is more […]

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Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Review

weber smoker review

This Weber smoker review aims to help you in your quest to find the best charcoal smoker for your weekend BBQ get-together. Nothing can beat the fun and enjoyment of backyard grilling and smoking plus the flavorful taste of a freshly smoked meat. This outdoor cooking appliance will make every backyard BBQ party worth looking forward to […]

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How to Use Offset Smokers to Have Great BBQ

how to use offset smoker

Who doesn’t love smoked meats and barbecue, especially if it’s cooked in your garden? It’s easily a crowd favorite! May it be a holiday or weekend, you’ll see people with their families and their smoker grills at beaches, parks, and even their backyards. If you’re planning to buy a grill for yourself, go for an offset smoker. […]

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What are the Best Charcoal Smokers?

James cooking with his family in his new charcoal smoker.

Charcoal smokers are your best bet for grilling meat with oozing with mouth-watering smokey flavor. This is because charcoal smokers are effective in trapping heat smoke inside the appliance, which makes it a top choice if you consider the flavor as one of the important aspects of grilling. This comes with a price, however, as […]

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What are the Best Vertical Charcoal Smokers?

A charcoal smoker in the yard.

You can create good smoked meats using a charcoal grill but if you really want to taste something extra-ordinary, complete with authentic smoky-flavor, you will need something more than your average grill – a smoker. Although some people say that their functions are almost the same and the food they produce are somewhat similar, real BBQ […]

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