Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Review

weber smoker review

This Weber smoker review aims to help you in your quest to find the best charcoal smoker for your weekend BBQ get-together.

Nothing can beat the fun and enjoyment of backyard grilling and smoking plus the flavorful taste of a freshly smoked meat.

This outdoor cooking appliance will make every backyard BBQ party worth looking forward to every weekend.

Since most of us don’t have the luxury of time to check out every charcoal smoker in the market, we decided to do the hard work for you.

Below, we will take a closer at one of the most popular options to give you an idea of why it’s considered as such.

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Quick Overview





  • Functions well
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Easy to assemble


  • Smoke leaks
  • Needs a constant wood refill

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

If you are new to smoking food, you will soon realize that the tall and slim design of this charcoal smoker is a smart space-saving idea.

It offers sufficient space for your smoking needs, making it easier for you to prepare delicious smoked treats for your guests.

This outdoor appliance is designed as a smoker, but you can quickly turn it into an ordinary grill, as well.

This bullet-shaped smoker can go up against large cookers and produce comparable results.

It is quite straightforward to learn how to use; in fact, you can easily master different skills so that you can use this charcoal smoker efficiently.

Who Is This Product For?

This Weber smoker review shows that this model is perfect for beginners who are just starting to learn how to smoke food.

It is easy to handle and simple to operate.

You will find that it is suitable for those with limited areas in their home, as this cooker is designed not to take too much storage space.

You don’t need to be a handyman to set up this Smokey Mountain smoker, too, because it is easy to put together.

What’s Included?

You will receive the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker plus the fitted smoker cover and the instruction manual.

Overview of the Features

Though the smoker is not cheap, the quality performance that you would get from this cooking machine is worth the investment.

Here are the features you’d enjoy from this smoker:

  • Even Cooking

Being able to manage and maintain the temperature of the smoker is crucial for even cooking and sufficient smoke production.

Some vents can regulate the airflow, which, in turn, controls the temperature inside the smoker.

In addition, a large pan is placed just above the coals, taking in the heat while slowly releasing it to the cooker to stabilize the heat inside.

  • Heat Shield

There’s a bowl-shaped fixture under this tall and slim cooker made of aluminum.

It acts as a heat shield to protect the area where the smoker is from any damage caused by the heat emitted by the appliance.

  • Meat Thermometer Access Hole

The dedicated spot for the thermometer has a small hole where the probe can easily fit.

This way, you can conveniently monitor the heat inside the smoker as well as the internal temperature of the meat.

  • Water Pan

Aside from regulating the heat and creating moisture inside, the water pan also doubles as a drip pan.

It catches the juice and fats from the meat, preventing any flare-ups if it falls directly to the coals.

You can also add different types of juices into the water pan to add flavor to the smoked meat.

  • Built-In Thermometer

The incorporated analog thermometer is strategically placed on the lid for easy viewing.

There, you will also find the adjustable vent for regulating the heat inside the smoker, all the while keeping the top handle cool to the touch.

  • Smoking Grates

The smoker is fitted with two smoking grates.

A separate door has been added on the middle portion of the cooker so that you can check the state of the food on the lower rack.

This also allows for more accessible water, wood, or charcoal replenishment.

  • Adjustable Vents

You will find three more adjustable vents placed at the base of the smoker.

This is also where the fire grate and ring are put together with the three sturdy legs to keep the cooker stable.

  • Cover

The cover for the smoker sits comfortably secured on top of the cooker.

It comes with a fastener strap that can be tied on one leg of the smoker for added security.

  • Quality Materials

The manufacturer used high-quality materials to create this smoker and to ensure that it can withstand the heat pressure as the cooker is used regularly.

The body is made of combined powder-coated steel, while aluminum materials composed the legs, vents, and internal brackets.

The lid and door handles are made of plastic, preventing them from getting hot during the cooking process.

Lastly, the cooking grates used chrome-plated steel for ease of cleaning.

  • Heating Capacity

This smoker heats up quickly, and the temperature gets sustained at a steady range in a short period.

The temperature may fluctuate at times, but that is because of uncontrollable factors like wind, sunlight, or the weather.

How to Get the Most out of It

Since the cooker needs some basic assembly to be completely set up, a diagram instruction is included in the package.

For maintenance, you can clean the cooking grates by scrubbing it with a crumpled aluminum foil or a grill brush.

Then, dispose of the cooled ash, along with the unburned coals, after every use.

It is also recommended that you make sure to clean the water bowl thoroughly.

The stem of the built-in thermometer should be kept clean, as well, to ensure that it will work the next time you use the smoker.

Clean the interior of the cooker and the cover to prevent dirt from coming in contact with your food.

If this Weber smoker review is not enough to convince you, here’s a video of some backyard barbecue basics using this model.


The Vertical Offset Smoker from Dyna-Glo is also a charcoal-powered cooker similar to Weber’s bullet-shaped smoker.

However, this affordable smoker does not have the same well-made quality as the one from Weber, as expected from its price range.

It’s a lightweight smoker made from powder-coated steel fitted with an air damper chimney that you can adjust according to your required temperature.

The vertical cooking chamber is attached to the firebox with a charcoal basket.

This holds the coals intact to better provide a hotter temperature to the cooking chamber.

The smoker has a big cooking chamber that can house six smoking racks, which you can conveniently adjust according to your needs.

You have to arrange the food inside the cooking chamber accordingly based on the amount of heat it needs to cook entirely because of how the smoker is configured.

The cooking chamber may be lightweight, but the legs of the smoker are sturdy and stable even if the smoker is full of food.

You can quickly move the smoker from one place to another using the handles attached to each side of the chamber.

The built-in thermometer is not as reliable as you would expect it to be, so you need to check on the meat to know its’ cooking state.

There’s also a printed guide about the smoke zone target range that is beneficial for newbies and experts alike.

If you want to try a different fuel source, then you can check the Analog Electric Smoker from Masterbuilt.

You will not find an upgraded version or a different color for this specific model from this brand.

This 30-inch smoker does not offer any unique feature but promises to do the smoking job right every time.

This Masterbuilt smoker can accommodate three cooking racks, making it the perfect cooker for the whole family.

You will also find a water pan and a wood chip tray similar to other cookers to help you regulate the heat inside.

This smoker is also the most affordable from the three models we have checked.

Finally, another great option that preforms in the same manner is the Cuisinart Cos-118 Charcoal Smoker. The Cuisinart smoker is in the exact same catagory as the Weber but is budget friendly with a few acceptable tradeoffs. 

Checkout our article comparing the two vertical smokers, Cuisinart Cos-118 Charcoal Smoker VS Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-inch.


This Weber smoker review shows that this model is indeed a cooker worth buying. 

The price range may be expensive, but all its features are worth the amount you pay for it.

It has a perfect size that can accommodate a sufficient amount of meat for smoking to feed a decent number of people in one cooking.

The two layers of cooking grates are perfect for smoking an ample amount of chicken, beef, or pork.

You can even try any of these seven brisket recipes for a delicious treat on your next backyard barbecue party.

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