Smoked Fall Off the Bone Turkey Legs

Smoked Fall Off the Bone Turkey Legs
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Smoked turkey legs are usually a special treat that you might have from time to time other than thanksgiving time. So, the question always persists, where can you get smoked fall off the bone turkey legs in a pellet smoker?

Well, you can always go to the fair, a carnival, a theme park, or the renaissance fair to get your fix for smoked turkey legs. Usually, these types of events will almost always have a vendor selling smoked turkey legs.

Or, you could always try your game at smoking them yourself at home with your pellet smoker! It’s not that hard to get done. You will need to follow a few directions and tips to get a great end product. So quit letting the carnival’s overcharge you for a meaty smoked turkey leg and start smoking them yourself!

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Preparing the Turkey Legs for the Smoker

It is commonly known that turkey can dry out very easily because of its lack of moisture, low-fat content, and very lean meat structure. So, the methods and process you use for preparing the turkey legs will determine how well they turn out and how moist and flavorful you can keep the turkey legs.

You can do several different things to help keep the turkey meat moist or introduce some moisture. Some of these methods will be using brine on the turkey legs overnight, marinating the turkey legs, or using a flavor injector to introduce other flavors and moisture into the meat.

You can use one of these methods to elevate the turkey legs, but we recommend using all three ways to be sure. Doing whatever you can to make sure the meat stays moist and flavorful is key, so why not do all three?

Using Brine For Turkey Legs

Using Brine For Turkey Legs

Using Brine is the best way to introduce moisture into the turkey legs. It’s effortless to make, very cheap to make, and there is no effort at all needed to do the procedure. A brine is essentially just a heavily salted water bath that the turkey legs bathe in for a few hours or overnight.

The process is called osmosis, which adds water to the meat to keep it moist while it cooks. If it were just salt and no water, then the salt would draw the water out of the meat.

Note: it is important with turkey to rines it off the brine to prevent it from being too salty. Also, dry your turkey before adding your dry rub, the rub will stick better, and the skin will be more crispy.

Marinating the Turkey Legs

Marinating is another excellent way to add moisture to the turkey legs and bring some new flavors. If you can puncture the meat with some holes first before laying it in the marinade, it will help to soak it into the meat. The turkey legs can sit in the marinade for a few hours or overnight.

Using a Flavor Injector

When you use a flavor injector, you can inject liquids directly into the meat to help them stay moist while they cook. You will also be able to add other flavors and spices on the inside of the meat and not just the outside.

You need to make sure the liquid mixture you use is thin enough to pass through the flavor injector and not get all gummed up in the process. Make sure to insert the injector into the meat and closest to the bone to make sure you can get as much fluid in the meat as possible.

Choosing the Best Smoker

Choosing the Best Smoker

When you want to smoke turkey legs, it will work to your advantage if you use the best available smoker. In this case, we recommend you use a pellet smoker to ensure the smoking process is seamless.

A pellet smoker will allow you to set the temperature you want to maintain throughout the smoking process and for how long you need them to smoke. After that, the pellet smoker will do all the rest of the work for you. Just make sure to fill the pellet hopper with plenty of pellets.

Now other types of smokers can have their advantages, the biggest of which could be the flavor. While an offset smoker can be quite a lot of work to cook with, it is almost a given that when done right will result in the best flavor.

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Choosing the Best Wood Pellets for Turkey Legs

This brings us to choose the best selection of wooden pellets for turkey legs. We recommend using a strong and bold flavored wood to penetrate the meat and get a nice strong smoky flavor to the meat.

The most common use wood is going to be hickory that also has a nice sweetness. If you want something a little stronger in smoke flavor, then spring for mesquite wood pellets.

If you are smoking turkey breast, we recommend going with a milder flavor like pecan because turkey breast is much milder than turkey legs or thighs.

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Fall Off the Bone Smoked Turkey Legs

This recipe for smoked turkey legs is sure to impress all your friends and family. There is no need to go to the fair to get a smoked turkey leg anymore with this delicious recipe in your arsenal.


  • 8 large turkey legs

For the Brine:

For the Rub:

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  1. Place everything for the brine in a large container and stir well until the salt dissolves. Submerge the turkey legs in the brine and place them in the fridge. Allow the turkey legs to brine in the mixture for at least 6 hours or overnight. When they are done in the brine, remove them and discard the liquid. Rinse the brine off of the turkey legs and pat them dry with a paper towel.
  2. In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients for the rub together well until fully incorporated. Take the rub seasoning and cover the legs in the seasoning. Make sure to rub in all the nooks and crannies of the turkey legs to coat them very well.
  3. Preheat the pellet smoker to 250 degrees and fill the hopper with pellets. When the smoker is up to temperature, place the turkey legs on the grate and close the lid. Allow the turkey legs to smoke for 4 to 5 hours or until the turkey legs’ internal temperature is 165 degrees. Make sure to check the temperature of the turkey legs next to the bone.
  4. When they are finished smoking, remove the turkey legs from the smoker and allow them to rest at room temperature for 15 minutes before serving, and enjoy!
 dissolve pickling salt in two cups of hot water

TIP: dissolve pickling salt in two cups of hot water for your brine. Add this to your container and fill it to the 1-gallon mark.

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Thanksgiving dinner is for the birds. If you know how to create smoked fall off the bone turkey legs in a pellet smoker, then you won’t have to wait all year to have some delectable turkey at your fingertips.

You can always try this recipe with other turkey parts. It will be an excellent rendition everyone is sure to enjoy!

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How do you keep turkey legs moist during the smoking process?

The best way to get fall off the bone moist turkey legs is to brine them for six hours before smoking. You can do a few other things to keep the turkey legs moist while smoking, such as using a marinade or injecting them with a flavorful liquid. If you decide to go with a marinade, make sure the turkey legs stay in the marinade long enough to take on the moisture and maybe poke some holes in the meat before marinating them. Injecting fluid in the meat, very close to the bone, will also help keep them moist and probably be the quickest method.

How do you get the skin on turkey legs to be crispy when smoking them?

If you want the skin of the turkey legs to be crispy when you smoke them, the skin needs to be dry before placing them in the smoker. If the legs are wet, the skin will not have a chance to crisp up. Try to pat the turkey legs dry with paper towels before smoking them. You can also add a thin layer of cooking oil to the skin after you dry them to make sure they will crisp up during the smoking process.