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How to Clean Electric Smokers: A Complete Guide

By Robert Cole

Let’s be honest; we all like to attend BBQ parties with our friends and family. The preparation of BBQ is not a hassle, but cleaning the aftermath is quite a struggle. Whether you use a gas smoker or an electric smoker, both will make perfect smoked chicken. Most people prefer electric smokers because of its convenience. […]

How to Season a New Smoker and Why You Should Do It

By Robert Cole

You just got a new smoker, and you can’t wait to throw a barbecue. But wait, before you use it, you should know how to season a new smoker. There are many benefits of seasoning a smoker, but the most important being the purpose you bought the smoker for, which is delicious and flavorful barbecue. If […]

How to Use Offset Smokers to Have Great BBQ

By Robert Cole

Who doesn’t love smoked meats and barbecue, especially if it’s cooked in your garden? It’s easily a crowd favorite! May it be a holiday or weekend, you’ll see people with their families and their smoker grills at beaches, parks, and even their backyards. If you’re planning to buy a grill for yourself, go for an offset smoker. […]

How to Smoke Meat on a Gas Grill: Tips and Tricks

By Robert Cole

Smoking adds a unique flavor to meat and vegetables since the blend of new flavors to the old ones bring a treat for the taste buds. What if you don’t have a smoker? Can you still enjoy the luxury of having smoked meat? Well, yes, you can! All you need is a trusty gas grill and learn […]

Cold Smoking vs Hot Smoking Foods

By Robert Cole

There are few things more delicious than a prime piece of smoked meat or a side of smoked vegetables, but did you know that not all smoking is the same? Cold smoking and hot smoking are equally popular, but sometimes, it’s best to opt for one method over the other. Below, we break down what […]

Review of Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

By Robert Cole

If you are a first-time smoker user or a veteran smoker, you might want to buy something that is going to work well enough to get great results. On the beginner side, you don’t want to break the bank, but if you don’t have a good smoker it will make it hard to learn. From […]

How Does a Smoker Work?

By Robert Cole

Smoking food has been around since man was able to harness fire. The ability to preserve meat by smoking it was a huge leap forward in our survival. Today we are not so worried about preserving meat by smoking it. We are looking for yummy smoked food. Smoker basics The best way I can describe […]

How to Prepare Smoked Roast Beef in an Electric Smoker

By Robert Cole

When it comes to roast beef, most people think of slow cookers, pot roasts, and crock-pots. Smoking is often overlooked. However, switching to an electric smoker can make your cooking simple and hassle-free. Even when stovetop cooking brings its own flavor, using an electric smoker is just so dang easy. It can handle almost any […]

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