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What are the Best Charcoal Smokers?

By Robert Cole

Charcoal smokers are your best bet for grilling meat with oozing with mouth-watering smokey flavor. This is because charcoal smokers are effective in trapping heat smoke inside the appliance, which makes it a top choice if you consider the flavor as one of the important aspects of grilling. This comes with a price, however, as […]

What are the Best Rated Smokers?

By Robert Cole

We have rounded up one of each type of smoker: Electric, charcoal, or gas so your search will be easier. These are the ones that received the best ratings on Amazon. Without further adieu, check out the best-rated smokers in their own category:Masterbuilt Electric SmokerThis is an electric smoker that is rated 4.2 out of […]

What are the Best Vertical Charcoal Smokers?

By Robert Cole

You can create good smoked meats using a charcoal grill but if you really want to taste something extra-ordinary, complete with authentic smoky-flavor, you will need something more than your average grill – a smoker. Although some people say that their functions are almost the same and the food they produce are somewhat similar, real BBQ […]

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