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Can You Make Pork Jerky in A Smoker?

By admin_smoke

Pork is possibly one of my favorite meats because of its variety of cuts and textures. Making pork jerky can be done in many different ways, but what you can make pork jerky in is not always clear. So let me be clear, yes, you can make pork jerky in a smoker, and an electric […]

What Color Should Smoke Be When Smoking Meat?

By admin_smoke

Wondering what color should smoke be when smoking meat? Not a lot of people ask this question when cooking meat in smokers. Instead, they focus more on the amount of smoke produced, believing that the more smoke, the better. In truth, expert pitmasters aim for less smoke. Since it serves as a seasoning for the […]

Best Dry Rubs for Pork

By admin_smoke

Pork roast and pork ribs are two of my favorite meats to smoke. They are my favorite because they stay moist because of their high-fat content. With the high-fat content, it is essential to hit these yummy pork cuts with just the right seasoning so you can bring out their best without hiding their natural […]

19 Tips for Using a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

By admin_smoke

Are you new to electric smokers and want to get the most out of your electric smoker. Today’s article will share our top tips for electric smokers, specifically Masterbuilt electric smokers. So, without delay, let’s dig right into it. Note: most links in this article are Amazon.com Affiliate links, see Affiliate Disclosure, thank you. 1. […]

Review of Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro

By admin_smoke

Do you love a great charcoal-grilled steak but wish you could smoke the occasional rack of ribs? This is a dilemma that most people with a smoker run into. What is a person to do, buy a smoker and a grill? Well, the Char-Griller Smokin Pro might be a great option for you. It looks […]

Masterbuilt MES 140B Digital Electric Smoker Review

By admin_smoke

Quick Overview FEATURES QUALITY PRICE POINT SEE ALL SMOKER REVIEWS CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON ProsPrecise digital control panelHas a powerful heating elementIncludes a water pan, ashtray, and a drip trayIncredibly easy to movePlenty of cooking spaceCooking temperatures between 100 and 275 ºFCons No integrated meat probe Not Bluetooth-compatible Requires the use of a timerIt’s time […]

Replacement Parts for the Big Chief Smoker

By admin_smoke

The Big Chief Electric Smoker and its related smokers have unmatched durability, ease of use, and, most importantly, flavor. However, the parts on these can wear out like any other smoker. What parts can wear out on the Big Chief Electric Smoker? The most common replacement parts for the Big Chief Electric Smoker are the […]

Big Chief Smoker Accessories and Must Have Add-Ons

By admin_smoke

Using the Big Chief Smoker by itself consistently delivers perfectly cooked, mouth-watering meats and fish. Chief Smokers, in general, are known for their high-quality design and longevity. Another popular feature of the Big Chief Smoker line is the ease of use. Did you know that Smoke House Products offers a complete line of accessories to […]

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