What are the Best BBQ Smokers?

The best BBQ smokers.

Backyard barbecue enthusiasts may whip up something good on a grill, but they can make that greater by using a BBQ smoker instead. Why? This is because a smoker is capable of grilling and baking at the same time. A good modern smoker will not require you to be on call on your grill, constantly monitor the temperature, and watch out for the grilling meat.

With a smoker, you can have your grilled goodies on time without exerting too much effort and worrying if it’s over-cooked or under-cooked. Although you may think that you don’t need a smoker anymore once you have a grill, just think that you’re doing yourself a huge favor if you decide to pick up a smoker too.

If you’re always stuck in front of the Barbie while everyone else is mingling and having fun in the party you hosted, think that you’ll be able to join them while your smoker does the cooking job for you.

Don’t get too excited. We know how much you want to jump at going shopping for the best BBQ smoker. Take time to read through this article to find the BBQ smoker for you.

How to pick the best BBQ Smoker?

Select the type of Smoker you want: There are three main types of smokers that are slowly but surely gaining ground in the market. These are electric, gas, and charcoal smoker. If you have read about the different types of grills, the same thing applies for smokers. You can pick which one that suits your budget and preferences as all three can smoke meat pretty well. So what are the basic differences?

Electric Smoker – This smoker is the most convenient out of three. For the little or lack of effort you’ll put into grilling, it’s also one of the cheapest. This is suitable for families who like to hold backyard barbecues on a regular basis but only cook a small batch, as it’s fast and easy to operate. All you have to do is plug it in, put the meat in place, turn the knob on, and leave it to cook on its own.

The only downside is the lack of authentic grilled flavor. If that doesn’t bother you too much and you have a philosophy that reads like “a grilled meat is still a grilled meat” then get something like the:

Masterbuilt 20070213 GEN II Electric Digital Smokehouse, 30-Inch, Black Finish

Gas Smoker – The logic behind the gas smoker is the same as the electric smoker with very slight differences. Gas smokers can also grill your food with little or no supervision and the outcome is just as perfect. This may be a little costly compared to electric smokers though as you need to use propane tanks for this. Propane tanks need to be bought or refilled, unlike electric smokers that are plug and play. However, it may also depend on the area where you live; gas may be cheaper than your electric bill. So you also need to check in your area the one that will save you bucks in the long run.

To further save, you can choose to set up for BBQ smoker so that it connects to your existing natural gas line. To do this, it’s important that you seek the help of a professional. Appliance and gas are two things that when combined together can be quite dangerous if you tinker with it without any background, knowledge, experience, or expertise.

If you are still unsure if you should pick this over electric smoker, gas BBQ smokers are capable of giving a better “smoked” flavor. If flavor matters to you a lot, go for this and pick something with the likes of:

Landmann USA 3495GLA Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker, 34-in

Charcoal Smoker – This is the popular choice for backyard chefs who want to come up with the best grilled goodies in a smoker. This is because smokers powered by natural sources of fuel like charcoal and wood are the ones that cook meat with the best smokey flavor. Although fuel for this is cheaper compared to electric and gas, it is kind of a hassle to use because you have to monitor and fine-tune the heat and air supply.

It takes a bit of practice to control the temperature and stay like that for as long as it takes so you don’t have to be in front of the smoker the whole time. It’s also important to pick a brand or style that is capable of controlling air flow the best as you need it to regulate the coals in order to lower or raise the temperature. It should also be able to hold a bit of smoke inside evenly so your meat will have flavor and has a small vent that can be left open while cooking.

There are a variety of charcoal smokers that won’t burn a hole in your pocket but still smoke meats like a pro. An example would be the:

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 18.5 Inch

There are cheaper others than can go below $100, but the Weber is one of the top choices when it comes to charcoal smokers. If you’re going to use yours a lot, consider getting the Weber charcoal smoker because of its durability. It also comes with a 10-year warranty!


Whichever’s the best BBQ Smoker for you, you’re bound to have a nice, relaxing backyard BBQ with your family and friends. This is because using a smoker is a great way to serve perfectly grilled goodies to your friends with very little to no attention required to cooking through the use of electric and gas smokers or smokey charred meat courtesy of charcoal smokers. There are also a variety of brands and sizes for the type that you have chosen so you are sure that there’s one for you based on your budget and preferences. If backyard barbecues have been a regular staple in your home, it is a must to invest a good smoker of your choice.