Grilling Frozen Meat

Grilling Frozen Meat
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Can you grill frozen meat? Yes, but there are few factors that come into play when grilling frozen meat. Grill meat after it has been defrosted is always the best option, but sometimes we don’t always have that luxury.

With how hectic life can be these days and everything going on in the world. We don’t always have the time to get home and cook dinner in time for the whole family regularly. So why not just pull something out of the freezer and throw it on the grill?

It shouldn’t be that different from being thawed. Well, it isn’t except for a few tips and tricks to help you out along the way.

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Basics for Grilling Frozen Meat

Basics for Grilling Frozen Meat

It is best to remember to thaw the meat before placing it on the grill, and the results will be much better. But if you are in a hurry and there are no other options, then it is not the end of the world.

You still need to follow the same rules as if the meat were already thawed but with a few small adjustments. Cooking frozen meat is always going to take longer, about 50% more time.

You will want to start the grill before placing it on the grill. Otherwise, the meat will end up sticking to the grill and tearing in the end. Once the grill is hot, try grilling the meat at a reduced temperature to start.

This will help to not scorch or burn the meat right in the beginning. If you start with a higher temperature, you will burn the outside of the meat, and the inner meat will not cook all the way.

This will end up in foodborne illness, which you really need to be aware of. When you don’t cook meat properly or to the correct temperature before consuming it, you run the risk of getting yourself of someone else very sick or, even worse, deceased.

Once you have cooked the meat a little bit on both sides, and the meat has thawed out on the grill a bit, go ahead and turn up the grill’s temperature to get a nice sear on the exterior of the meat.

Tips for Grilling Frozen Meat

Tips for Grilling Frozen Meat

  • When freezing your meat initially, you want to make sure you are doing it in the right way that could benefit you later when you decide to grill the meat frozen. Make sure the air is out of the bag completely before sealing and that you have an airtight seal, which will help keep the meat from getting freezer burn.
  • Make sure to freeze the meat in a flat shape. If you freeze the meat by just throwing it in the freezer and it freezes into a weird shape, it will not be thrown on the grill. It will cook unevenly and not all at the same time.
  • Try to use a small or thinner cut of meat that is frozen for grilling. Frozen meat that is too thick will not grill properly and may take way too long to cook correctly or evenly. The thinner the product, the better chance you have of getting a better grilled final product.
  • When grill frozen meat, try to have one side of the grill on low heat. This is the side you place the frozen meat on. On the other side, turn up the heat and keep the lid closed. This will help heat the grill and thaw out the meat easier as it grills at a lower temperature.
  • Always keep an instant-read meat probe thermometer with you when grilling meat of any kind, frozen or not. But especially when the meat is frozen, you will need to use a temperature gauge. You can’t use all the same tricks you would use to check if the meat is done when it is thawed. So, use a thermometer to get the best possible outcome from grilling frozen meats.


Just remember, it is always better to thaw your meat out before placing it on the grill. But if you have to, grilling frozen meat is not the end of the world, and there is a correct way to do it.

Just make sure you follow a few of the rules we set out for you, and you should be just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you grill frozen chicken breasts?

You want to think about how long it will take to cook the chicken on a grill and add about 50% of the time. Usually, grilling chicken breast takes about 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees. So, it will take about 25-30 minutes if it is frozen. But to be sure, always use a meat probe thermometer to check the center of the chicken to make sure it is done. The internal temperature of cooked chicken should be at least 165 degrees to be safe to eat.

How long can your meat be frozen?

Most meats can stay in the freezer a bit longer, anywhere from 3 months to a year in some cases. Ground meats should be ok for about 2 or 3 months in the freezer. For steaks, chops, roasts, and larger meat products can last up to the one year mark. It is always best to keep rotating your meats so they don’t stay in the freezer for too long. It is a must to get as much air out as possible, so we recommend vacuum sealing or partially submerging your meat to get as much air out of the package as possible.

How long do you grill frozen burger patties

How long do you grill frozen burger patties?

A quarter-pound frozen burger patty should take about 15 minutes total when flipping back and forth between 3-minute intervals. Cooking time for other patties depends on the thickness, size, type of meat, and freezing technique. When making burger patties at home to be grilled frozen, always make them as flat as possible and consider putting a small indentation in the middle. A small indentation in the middle will help your burger cook evenly, almost like a donut. Some burger patties are meant to be cooked frozen and are sold that way. Finally, always use a meat thermometer when grilling frozen food to be safe.